7 Funny Videos From Comic-Con 2012

Check out the hilarious aftermath of the big nerd show!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

For some, the mega pop culture convention San Diego Comic-Con is about waiting in line for eight hours to see a trailer for a movie coming out in two months. For others, it’s about interviewing those people in line so they have something to do! Here are 7 funny videos from Comic-Con 2012:


The Girls of Comic-Con 2012

Boobs! Butts! Bathrooms!


Comic-Con Challenge: Swag Run

Comic-Con Rule #657: Everything that you call swag is swag.


Trolling Comic-Con 2012

CM Punk shouldn’t have left his championship belt just lying around.


Comic-Con 2012: Superheroes Give Business Advice

Batman should release his bat-tax returns.


People I Beat Up At San Diego Comic-Con 2012

Questionable Lifestyle Choices Gambit was always my favorite X-Man.


Comic-Con Challenge: Rejecting Hot Girls

But Milam and R2-D2 Hello Kitty would’ve been such a good couple.


Storm Trooper DJ

Help me, MC Wan Kenobi…


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