One-On-One Interview With Adrien Broner

CraveOnline's Zac Hutton catches up with the lightweight to see how he's prepping for his upcoming fight against Vicente Escobedo, and more!

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

Cincinnati's own Adrien "The Problem" Broner has exploded onto the boxing scene at just 22-years-old.  The junior lightweight has won his last three bouts by knockout, crushing his opponents with elite precision and blinding speed. His flash in the ring is only matched by his down right cocky persona. Through this abrasiveness he has drawn many comparisons to the likes of Floyd Mayweather Jr. This comparison isn't a bad one however.

Men like Broner draw fans to the sport and I'm more than happy to say that I'm a big Adrien Broner fan. From his funky in-ring attire to his brash taunting of opponent's, Broner backs it all up when that first bell sounds. You need fighters like Broner in the sport.

Broner is taking on the formidable Vicente Escobedo this Saturday on HBO. I recently had a chance to catch up with Adrien and here's what he had to say:


CraveOnline: Hey Adrien, how are you?

Adrien Broner: Hey, what's up Zac?

CraveOnline: Nothing much man. First off I want to say congratulations on that beautiful knockout of  Perez in your last fight.

Broner: Thank you man.

CraveOnline: No problem. On the 21st of July you'll be facing Vicente Escobedo. How has the preparation been going for the fight?

Broner: It's been going very well. I'm feeling good, looking good. You know I'm feeling good, looking better. I can't wait for tomorrow because it's flashy Friday and I'm going to get a haircut.

(Both laughing)

Broner: I just have fun you know. I don't worry much about the fight because I know once I get inside that ring I hear nobody, I see nobody and it's just tunnel vision from there until the bell rings.

CraveOnline: What do you think Escobedo brings to the table as your opponent?

Broner: He's a very good fighter. He has fought some good fights. He's coming off of some very good wins and you know like he's saying, he's saying he's at his best right now. He feels like he's one of the best. He's from lightweight and he's coming back down to 130 pounds and he feels like he's at his best. So we're gonna fight him at his best. I know he's going to come to fight, he's going to be ready. It's gonna be a good fight.

CraveOnline: You'll be fighting him in your hometown of Cincinnati. Do you prefer fighting at home or do you like going into enemy territory some times?

Broner: It really don't matter for me. At home or at somebody's know I'm a show off. It don't matter where I'm at. I'm gonna show-off.

CraveOnline: Many people say you are the next Floyd Mayweather. I think you have some similarities and I also see some Roy Jones in there as well. How do you feel about all of the comparisons?

Broner: It makes me feel great because me being so young and so early in my career, I'm already compared to the best. You know that just shows where I stand inside boxing. I take in an intense negativity and I turn it into motivation and it just motivates me to do more spectacular and special things that I do.

CraveOnline: Let's say you get past Escobedo. Who are you looking at next?

Broner: This is the last fight at 130. I'm going up to 135 pounds. It really don't matter. The rules don't change for me. Anybody can get it. Whoever grabs that rope to hang themselves. Sign the dotted line and we'll make the fight.

CraveOnline: Adrien, What will happen on July 21st?

Broner: You know what'll happen. I'm gonna come in with my brush. I'm gonna come in dancing. I'm gonna dance my way in and I'm gonna dance my way out. Million dollar smile. Mister HBO. I do this. I'm bringing swag to the ring, I'm bringing class to the ring and guess what? I was a class clown so you know I'm gonna show off so you know you gotta watch me.

CraveOnline: Thanks again man, good luck!

Adrien Broner(23-0, 19KOs) will be facing Vicente Escobedo(26-3, 15KOs) live this Saturday night only on HBO.

Photo Credit: AP