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All movies are the same, all video sites are the same, click for something new!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Interesting theme’s have arisen today, as Funny or Die shows us that every 3D movie is the same repacked story, and I even find out that all video sites have the same video’s on them. So what’s new and different?! These videos! Enjoy.


Funny Or Die – Every 3D Movie is the Same (link)

This is pretty much amazing. So I put it first!


Dailymotion  – Unstoppable Alarm Clocks Gag (link)

And let’s get things started with pranks… cause everyone love’s that awkward feeling of knowning you’re in on a joke that makes someone else a douchebag, yay!


Break  – Is Michelle Jenneke The Sexiest Hurdler Ever? (link)

And since Dailymotiong took over the prank of the day, looks like Break has nothing better than to hit the LCD with this video that’s leaping to the top of the front page.


UCB Comedy – Vetting Mitt's Veeps: Marco Rubio (link)

Take the Puppy!


That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.

Now go forth and shoot a blue thing in to the sky!

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Here’s some bonus fun: