‘American Horror Story’ Season 2 Adds Clea DuVall

The former "Carnivàle" star will appear in the new season of FX's hit series.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Although "American Horror Story" season 2 finally began filming earlier this week, it's still picking up new cast members.

According to TVLine, Clea DuVall is the latest addition to the performers for the new season of "American Horror Story." This year's storyline will begin in 1964 on the East Coast at an institution for the criminally insane. There aren't many official details yet about whom DuVall will portray, but the original report did note that she will be in multiple episodes and that she will be appearing alongside Sarah Paulson's character.

Among genre fans, DuVall is best known for her leading role on the cult HBO series, "Carnivàle" (pictured above) in addition to her later turns on "Heroes," "The Event," "Bones," "Law & Order" and "CSI: Miami." DuVall has also appeared in numerous films like The Faculty, She's All That, The Astronaut's Wife, The Grudge, Zodiac and Identity.

"American Horror Story" season 2 will welcome back returning actors Jessica Lange, Evan Peters, Lily Rabe, Zachary Quinto and Sarah Paulson in brand new roles as they join the incoming Joesph Fiennes, Adam Levine, Chloe Sevigny, Lizzie Brochere and James Cromwell.

An official premiere date has yet to be announced, but "American Horror Story" will likely return this fall on FX.