R.I.P. Sherman Hemsley

The star of "The Jeffersons" passes away at 74.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Earlier today, reports emerged that Sherman Hemsley died in his El Paso, Texas home at the age of 74. A cause of death has not yet been released.

Through his nearly 40 year career as an actor, Hemsley became best known for his iconic role, George Jefferson. Hemsley first appeared as Jefferson in the Norman Lear sitcom "All In The Family" as Archie Bunker's opinionated neighbor alongside actress Isabel Sanford as George's wife, Louise Jefferson. Within two years, the onscreen husband and wife duo graduated to their own self-titled series, "The Jeffersons;" which ran for 11 seasons.

"The Jeffersons" proved to be so indelible among audiences that Hemsley and Sanford made many return appearances as their respective "Jeffersons" characters in "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" and in numerous ad campaigns. Hemsley also reprised his famous role in "E/R" and more recently in "Tyler Perry's House of Payne."

In 1986, Hemsley moved on to star in the sitcom "Amen," which aired on NBC for five seasons. Hemsley also made dozens of TV guest appearances over the years, including shows like "The Incredible Hulk," "The Twilight Zone," "Martin" and "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman."

CraveOnline extends its best wishes and condolences to Hemsley's family, friends and fans across the world.