Exclusive Interview with Brian Sacca

We love Pete and Brian, and we love love Fact Checkers Unit. Lets talk about it. 

Sax Carrby Sax Carr

Sketch comedy is a very harsh mistress. So often the best sketches in the planning phase becomes something horrible when put on camera. Truly, awesomely, dauntingly good sketch comedy is a rare gem because if it wasn’t SNL would have a lot higher audience. In the top ten sketches ever made, recorded, and shared with the masses is a little video called “Knock Knock” by an NYC duo called “Pete and Brian”.  Crave Online once did a Sketch Feast article about them, which you can watch HERE. Pete and Brian went on to create “Fact Checkers Unit,” a web series about celebrities, facts, and a well-worked parody of crime procedurals. After winning a bunch of awards they went on to produce a full  two seasons, all with amazing cameos that push these celebs to places you never thought they would go.

We sat down with one half of the duo, Brian Sacca, to talk about FCU and beyond. Here’s the first half of that interview, then we’ll offer some clips of the boys’ work, then after the break is part two of our interview with Pete and Brian (mostly Brian… ok… only Brian).

Part 1:


So before we continue with the interview, and as long as we're on the subject, here's the full version of Knock Knock…  



Ok folks, here's part two just beyond the break, along with some episodes of FCU for your enjoyment!


Part 2: 


And there you have it. Check out Pete and Brian's website for more info on the duo, and their latest projects. You can also check out the FCU Hulu page to watch all the episodes for yourselves, RIGHT HERE! 

If you're lazy, here's an episode for you right here on this page. We are so good to you. 


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