The CW Eyes a ‘Battle Royale’ TV Series

The Japanese cult classic may finally get a U.S. adaptation thanks to The Hunger Games.  

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

In the U.S., there's seemingly never been a good time to adapt  Koushun Takami’s novel, "Battle Royale." First released in Japan back in 1999, "Battle Royale" took place in an alternate timeline in which school children were kidnapped and taken to a remote island where they were fitted with explosive collars and forced to fight to the death.

Despite well regarded adaptions into a Manga series and a feature film (pictured above), the violent content of "Battle Royale" seemingly made it unpalatable for American studios in the shadow of the Columbine High School massacre and fears about glorifying teens killing each other. But with the success of the similarly themed adaptation of The Hunger Games in theaters earlier this year, "Battle Royale" may finally come to America. 
According to The Los Angeles Times, the CW network has reportedly been in early discussions about turning "Battle Royale" into a TV series. However, there is currently no deal in place. The story also notes that any adaptation of "Battle Royale" must also meet with the approval of Takami before it can move forward.
During the previous pilot season, the CW developed "The Selection," which also shared themes with The Hunger Games and "Battle Royale." And while "The Selection" remains in development at the network, it's unlikely to go forward with that show if a "Battle Royale" deal is reached.
However, it's also unlikely that any broadcast network would be able to adapt "Battle Royale" and maintain the graphic content of the first movie adaptation. For that, a cable network would probably be required.
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