The Broken Chair Prank: 7 Videos

A breakaway chair provides endless laughs.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

The WWE knows the secret to life – everyone enjoys watching someone get punked by a chair. In these videos, folks have taken the screws out of otherwise stable sitting devices, making them deadly prank-traps. Will the victims fall for it? Every single time. Here are 7 videos of the broken chair prank:


Broken Chair on Hidden Camera

Every breath you take, every chair you break…


Removing Screws From The Boss’ Chair

You’d better get that script done or eeeeeeeeeeeelse!


The Girl with the Broken Chair



YouTube Sketch Prank

It’s a good thing something funny interrupted this bit.


Dorm Room

College is all about learning (how to trick your friends).


Computer Chair

Run FallingOnAss.exe


Multiple Victims

Can nothing stop the terror of the broken chair?


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