The Big List: Turkey Day-saster! Make Your Own Twinkies!

Why does Thanksgiving suck so hard? Plus: Twinkies Forever!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Time to hear the news that Hostess is going under, panic, panic, panic, go to the local drug stores and grocery stores trying to find them, be unable to find any delicious Twinkies left, look on eBay and see they’re going for hundreds of dollars now, figure out how to make them yourself, breathe a sigh of relief and check out these links!


37 Reasons Why Thanksgiving Sucks

This holiday needs 40 cc’s of presents – STAT!


The Onion’s Guide To Hosting A Perfect Thanksgiving,30471/?ref=auto

A lot of folks are thankful for The Onion!


The Holodeck Is Real

Thanks, engineers! Now build me a Data.


Meet Tim, Mayor of The Friend Zone

“So, are you asexual towards everyone, because… uh, never mind.”


How To Clone A Twinkie

Screw bankrupt Hostess. Make your own damn Twinkies!


That’s all for this friend zoned edition of The Big List.


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